What do you need to know about how to be a better person? What will bring you more happiness? Health and wellness experts are giving us access to more suggestions answering these questions. We've reviewed many helpful pointers about how to be a better person, and we're happy to share them with you.

Happiness is a Journey

Is being happy a destination or is it a journey? One perspective states that happiness is something to achieve and that it's a destination somewhere down the road. But what if happiness were the road? What if there's a way to pave the road in a way where it has elements of happiness infused for the entire process?

Is it possible to do this? This would allow the journey to be one of having happiness be present in all that you do. This is an example of how a shift in perspective can improve your happiness and help with how to be a better person. This is just one of many things you can do.

Embracing How To Be A Better Person

The best place to start with regarding how to be a better person is to reflect on what you think and feel. Whether meditating, journaling, exploring your thoughts while walking, or talking with a friend or wellness practitioner, you can find your outlet to reflect? Do you have a regular practice in which you can do this? Do you see the benefit in doing this?

When you set aside the time to do this, you embrace the process of how to be a better person. There are specific areas that are you can focus on like letting go of anger, getting in touch with your emotions and complimenting yourself. You can also take steps toward living a healthy lifestyle, helping others and learning new skills. Let's review how to do these things in easy and accessible ways.

Let Go of Anger

A big reason that might stop you from being a better person is anger. Everyone experiences anger and must manage how to respond to it. How we cope with anger contributes greatly to how we enjoy life. Is something you think you may need to work on?

Getting In Touch with Your Emotions


Do you repress your anger, or do you get in touch with it? Repressing anger leads to more stress and creates additional problems for you. When you deny acknowledging anger, you're more likely to lash out against others as a way of releasing it. If you want to manage your anger, the key is to recognize it and know what to do when you feel it.

Once you delve into your feelings and question why you're angry, you can use some mental re-framing to quell the emotion. You'll get clarity around the difference between the feeling of anger and the action that could be taken. With this distinction, you create a space that will postpone any negative reaction.

Healthy Ways to Relieve Anger


A healthy way to relieve anger is for you to change how you respond to it. When you shift your perspective, you move toward changing your beliefs about what makes you angry. This could be as easy as using a tactic to remind yourself that you don't know everything that happened with the situation that angered you. By allowing your thoughts to see a broader picture, you create room to consider other possibilities.

Re-framing your thoughts will then allow you to work through the emotion. This mental-emotional feedback loop can be powerful. You can also experience this while doing some physical exercise. This will release the stress and anxiety that surrounds your anger.

Listen and Help Others

Once you feel secure in your own wellbeing, you can put more focus toward the wellbeing of others. Win/win situations are best created are when you're meeting your own needs and serving others at the same time. Helping others is vital to explore how to become a better person. You can do this in effective ways that won't have you feeling burnt out.

The Art of Listening


Being attentive to someone else and listening to them can be one of the greatest gifts you can give them. In our busy and stimulating world, people often find comfort in relating to an inviting, calming person who shows concern. When you hold space for someone who wants to share deeply, you're practicing a subtle component of how to become a better person.

Think of the times when you've felt truly heard by someone else in front of you. It gives a great sense of connection and relief. When you're able to provide this for someone else, it's gratifying and sublime. Think of who you'd like to support through holding space while actively listening.

Being of Service To Others

Being of Service To Others

Have you considered how you're of service to others? Do you notice that in doing this you feel happier? When you volunteer or give to charity, or when you take part in community service or work in a helping field, you are maximizing your time with others. Providing service for others gives rewards like no other when it comes to how to be a better person.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Exercising more frequently and consistently is a top priority for living a healthy life. It will strengthen your body, release endorphins and decrease stress levels. Eating healthy goes hand in hand with this as it provides your body with the essential nutrients it needs. You want clean energy from a balanced diet of whole natural foods.

Wellbeing Is a Way of Life


Creating a lifestyle of wellbeing means spending adequate time outside. Whether that be to enjoy nature or to soak in some Vitamin D from the sun. It also means spending enough time with the people you love. Be purposeful in sharing time with those who are happy and your own happiness will surely increase.

You must be deliberate in expressing your creative and artistic outlets. Whether it’s music, poetry, singing, dancing, drawing or painting, find those expressions that bring you joy. Review your lifestyle and take note about the things you don’t enjoy doing. You can eliminate some of those things and add your creative and artistic outlets.

Honing Your Ideal Characteristics

Honing Your Ideal Characteristics

Part of your healthy lifestyle will be how you choose to handles the situations placed before you. You'll want to maintain confidence and perseverance with your pursuits. As the saying goes, "winners never quit, and quitters never win." You don't want to make excuses in life and you what to show to be the best you can be.

Learn a New Skill

Are you allowing yourself to get absorbed in fulfilling work and learning new skills? When you engage in such activities, you put yourself in a positive state of flow. When you get deeply involved in the subjects you love, you get boosts in serotonin and other feel-good brain chemicals.

A Perpetual Student of Learning

Perpetual Student

Similar to viewing happiness as the journey, when you accept that learning is ongoing, your perspective on how to be a better person shifts. WIth continued learning, you are always on a path of growth in new ways. What are the things you'd like to learn more about? You can choose any topic to learn.

Share What You Learn

Share What You Learn

Not only do you get to teach someone something new, but you get to reinforce what you learned. This creates a beautiful scenario of win/win! Sharing is caring, and this will foster good feelings all around.

Compliment Yourself

What is your internal dialogue like? Are you catching the negative thoughts that are lowering your self-esteem? They make you believe that you're not good enough. Well, you are doing good enough. You need to foster the habit of acknowledging your accomplishments, so be sure to compliment yourself.

The Power of Affirmative thinking

Affirmative thinking

Your thoughts are something you can control at any given moment. Similarly to exercising your body, you can also exercise your mind. Exercising your mind is a sure way to ensure how to be a better person.

By checking in with your thoughts and deliberately inserting positive messages, you help you cultivate your mind toward greater productivity. Have you tried speaking affirmations aloud? This is a simple, effective practice that will empower you. Start with basic "I am..." statements that highlight the wonderful things you do.

Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude

As an extension of affirmative thinking, a good practice is to tap into feeling gratitude repeatedly. An attitude of gratitude will help ward off any of the woes that might stop you from being a better person. Gratitude combats thoughts that might make you unhappy or dissatisfied. When you find the aspects of your experience you're grateful for, you will feel better and do better.


Hopefully, you're feeling happier and one step closer to being a better person having read this. Which of these suggestions about how to be a better person resonates with you the most? Why not start with complimenting yourself? It will feel good!

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