One of the most complained about problems that plagues our society is the struggle with maintaining a healthy weight. It could be the guy who put on 20 pounds after his metabolism slowed down when he hit thirty. Or it might be the girl who put on the dreaded freshman 15 when she started college. No matter your struggle, being overweight is a health risk, and can be a detriment to self-esteem.

So, whether you’re looking to lose 10 pounds or 50, we’ve collected some of the best tips for losing weight.

3 Action Steps to Take

1. Make Small Changes

Making small changes over time will be much more effective in keeping off the weight, rather than crashing into heavy changes that you can’t maintain. Whether it’s dropping your sugary beverage intake to one per day from the usual three, or taking three walks during your breaks at work, small changes can kick-start the process of getting to your goal weight.

2. Keep a Food Diary

Tracking everything you put into your mouth can really help you reach your fat-loss goals. If you have to write it down and look at what you put into your body, be it apples and cheese, or chocolate cake and pre-packaged pudding, you become aware of your actual eating habits. This can change how you eat, how you think about food, and how you lose weight.

3. Add Small Amounts of Activity into your Day

Instead of sitting there on the couch when the commercials come on, get up and walk around, or do some jumping jacks. You could also make television watching into a game. Every time you hear a key word spoken by someone on the screen, you must drop down and do five push-ups or do five concentration curls. Any additional activity, even if it’s just parking farther from the grocery store door, can gradually lower your weight.

3 Mindset Changes to Make

1. Give Intermittent Fasting a Go

Intermittent fasting is restricting your times for eating to a specific window each day that you fast. For example, if you get up at 6 a.m. for work, and don’t get home until 5 p.m., and have to make dinner each night, you would probably aim for a 12 hour window, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. During this time, you consume all calories of the day, and do not snack, eat-out, or nibble afterwards. You may not see huge immediate results, but over time, this way of eating can change your eating habits and lifestyle, resulting in long-term, permanent weight-loss.

2. Change Your Diet

We’re not saying bounce from fad to fad until you hit pay dirt. We mean shed the junk away, and increase your vegetable and fruit intake. Drop highly processed frozen pizzas and take-out, and start eating more natural foods.

3. Meal Plan before Shopping

One of the best ways to save money and keep yourself from buying junk food is meal planning before you hit the grocery store. List only the ingredients necessary for the week’s meal plan, and forget all those sale items that would be “more convenient” than the slow-cooker chicken you’ve got planned. Keep strictly to your list when shopping.

4 Nutritional Changes to Make

1. Add in Supplements

Supplements can include anything from protein powders to vitamin tablets that can help balance out deficiencies your diet may have. Most of us don’t get enough protein, vitamin D, iron, or Vitamin K on a regular basis. All of these are necessary for optimum health, and can actually help us lose weight as our systems regain balance.

2. Increase your Fiber Intake

Fiber is the stuff that keeps your system operating smoothly. Without it, your body can hold onto things it shouldn’t, like extra fat and toxins that cause weight gain. Reports indicate that people who suffer from obesity consume significantly less fiber than those in the healthy weight range. That should inspire you to go grab some apples and celery.

3. Try Weight Loss Pills

Weight loss pills can include anything from fat-burners that help your body create more energy  – thermogenic energy) and metabolize fat, to appetite suppressants. Depending on your particular issues with weight loss, one of these little supplements could be how you lose weight.

4. Try the Apple Cider Weight Loss Plan

If you look online, you’ll find dozens of sites that will give you all the statistics, methodology, and ratios for this easy to add-in weight loss plan. Using apple cider vinegar, water, and other ingredients in a beverage you drink daily might be the thing to kick-start your efforts.

If you want to lose weight, you’re going to have to make some changes. Small changes like dumping the soda pop habit, dietary changes like increasing fiber intake, and active changes like increasing exercise are how to lose weight. You don’t have to continually struggle with being overweight. Determine your goals, make the plans, and follow through, and this time next year, you might finally be at the weight you’ve been longing for.

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