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Efficiency Info is your online source for information and tips on how to be more efficient in all areas of your life. Whether you want to become more efficient at home or at work – even while traveling – Efficiency Info is here to help.


Learn our surprisingly simple secrets for helping life go smoothly. Save money while living well. Travel light, easy, and often. Communicate with others in more effective and positive ways… And more.


Enjoy your time at home more with expert tips on easy ways to streamline your cleaning and organization routines. Plus we’ve got valuable info for work-at-home and homeschooling parents.


Keep you and your loved ones happy, energetic, healthy, and fit with valuable information on meal planning, grocery shopping, exercise, weight loss, fashion, beauty, and more.

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How to Deal With Difficult People at Work

How to Deal With Difficult People at Work

Are you thinking about work/life balance lately? Do you wonder about how to deal with difficult people better? You don't want altercations at work, and you don't want to bring negativity home with you. Let's discuss how to address colleagues during unwanted workplace...

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